Eating on Campus with Technology


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When I arrived on campus as a freshman, I struggled to find healthy food to eat that also fit my budget. I discovered that with my food allergies and a picky palate, finding good food options on Fordham’s Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses can be a challenge. It should come as no surprise, however, that technology helped me find plenty of ways to eat well at school while on a budget. 

Campus Cafeterias

The University’s campus cafeterias are great options for variety and quantity. The best way to navigate The Marketplace at Rose Hill and the Community Dining Room at Lincoln Center is by checking out the menu on the Aramark website online, which is updated everyday. This year, in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, campus cafeterias will have limited capacity, contactless technology, and grab and go options. You can always eat outside, too. Take advantage of Fordham’s beautiful campus and eat meals outside on Edwards Parade or the plaza. Pro Tip: Whenever I am craving something sweet, I love to grab sugar cookies from The Marketplace!    


Sometimes I need a quick bite that’s also tasty and healthy. For that, I turn to the GrubHub app, which allows me to cut the line at campus eateries. I’ve connected it to my Fordham ID card, so it’s really ideal for ordering from Cosi, Urban, Pod, Salt and Sesame, The Ram Cafe, Bon Mi, and Argo Tea, especially during peak hours when there’s a long line of students at the counter. The GrubHub App also allows you to track your meal plan balance!

Cooking On Campus

Now that I have an on-campus apartment with a kitchen, I’ve started to explore my culinary side with technology as my sous chef. Cooking and grocery apps have helped me leverage the endless supply of culinary inspiration and the many grocery stores and bodegas all within a short walk from both campuses. If you are a novice cook, try AnyList, an app that organizes both groceries and recipes. Out of Milk tracks both your pantry and shopping list and also lets you scan barcodes to enter items. Epicurious is a fun app that helps you create recipes using the food you already have in your kitchen. There are a wide variety of helpful kitchen apps to try, and I suggest trying out a few to find out the one that works best for you. 

Pro Tips for Cooking in College

When it comes to cooking in college with small a kitchen space and limited time I have some suggestions:

  • Cook big meals that can be frozen or stored in the fridge for enjoyment the next few days.
  • Find recipes that use easy to store and long lasting ingredients.
  • Recipes that include only a few ingredients are usually easier.
  • Make cooking fun by experimenting and cooking with friends. 
  • Don’t forget to prioritize your nutritional needs like protein and fiber.

Using apps and taking the time to plan my meals have converted me to a culinary enthusiast. Instead of stressing over food or eating cereal for dinner, I now enjoy my time in the kitchen and think you should too!


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