Do You Have Questions About Privacy?


What does privacy mean, anyway? And when it comes to privacy, what can Fordham faculty expect from the University? These questions and many more received answers from Jason Benedict, Associate Vice President / Chief Information Security Officer for Fordham IT’s University Information Security Office, at a faculty town hall this past fall.

Faculty brought many questions, including

  • Are private files stored on Google Drive and other file-sharing services safe from unauthorized access?
  • Which platforms are the safest for storing private files?
  • Who can access private files and information, with or without permission?
  • How confidential is the information stored on Blackboard?
  • Does a University-issued computer keep my browsing history private?

Visit Fordham’s Privacy Blog to find out the answers to these and other questions about privacy, security, and intellectual property.  You can also watch a video of the discussion.


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