Changing and Growing: IT Business Office Space Renovations


In early May, the Fordham IT Networks, User Support, Digital Platform Services, and Business Office groups moved from offices in Dealy and elsewhere to their newly renovated space, in the Dealy lower level. With work space available for about 50 staff, it’s also equipped with one large and one small conference room. The office also has a “huddle room,” or breakout room, which is used for 15-20 minute chats. Glass walls and low partitions between cubicles, as well as large windows, make the space feel light and airy. Roslyn Nedd, Director of Acquisitions and the IT Business Office, was instrumental in designing the beautiful office area. She strived to achieve a look resembling a SoHo office loft, and the results are fantastic.

As part of the renovation, Roslyn introduced environmental improvements to the office, reflecting Fordham’s sustainability initiative. For example, filtered water stations replenish empty water bottles, and pretty blue ceramic mugs and spoons have done away with paper cups and plastic spoons. A bean to cup coffee maker has proven a hit and even lures in staff who don’t work in that office space. Individual trash bins have been removed to encourage people to recycle more frequently. To further reduce trash, the office replaced individual sugar packets and creamers with a machine that dispenses both. Plants improve the quality of air. “All of these changes help save money and resources,” says Roslyn.

While the office has officially moved, several changes are still in progress, including Roslyn overseeing Acquisitions. We’ll report on those changes in our next issue.


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