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Gmail LogoMost people in the Fordham University community have their Fordham AccessIT ID password stored on Google’s Gmail servers. Google stores the password so you can login into Gmail with an older email client, such as a mail app on your phone or an email program on your computer. For a long time, this was an acceptable way for logging into your Fordham Gmail. However, this method is no longer considered good practice and it bypasses multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Later this fall, we will no longer allow Google’s servers to store a copy of your AccessIT ID password. This means that no matter how  you access your Fordham Gmail, you will need to first authenticate with MFA. The change ensures that your Fordham Gmail account and Fordham’s sensitive data are more secure than they are today.

Take Action Now

Check to see if your AccessIT ID password is stored on Google’s servers:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Change password” and follow the prompts
  • Read the  message indicating whether your AccessIT ID password is stored on Google’s servers

If the message says your password is not stored on Google’s servers, you don’t need to do anything. When the passwords are removed from Google’s servers later this fall, you will not notice any changes when accessing your Fordham Gmail.

If the message indicates your password is stored on Google’s servers, you have two options:

  • Follow the prompts to remove your password from Google’s servers
  • Do nothing and your password will be automatically removed later this fall

Once your password is removed from the servers, you may have to login into your account again or reconfigure your email client. For instructions, please consult or contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999. They can also answer questions about this change.


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