Campus WiFi Improvements Continue

The IT Team 2016

The IT Team helps new students set up WiFi and become familiar with Fordham’s technological landscape during the back-to-school move-in period.

WiFi is an essential resource for almost every student, teacher, and staff member at Fordham University. Our appetite for WiFi keeps growing, especially after a holiday or summer break, when people return to campus more devices. To meet Fordham’s demand for WiFi and to stay ahead of it, Fordham IT makes ongoing improvements to our networks.

Residence Halls Get More Access Points
Upgrades and new wireless access points will soon be addd to the Goupil residence hall, in Martyrs’ Court. By September, we expect most, if not all, residence halls will have this upgrade.

WiFi Signal Improved in Academic and Administrative Areas
Fordham IT was also mandated to improve the WiFi signal in academic areas and in administrative offices. Everyone is enjoying enhanced WiFi in Faculty Memorial Hall, John Mulcahy Hall, Freeman, and Keating. Currently we are working on Dealy Hall. Next on the list (not necessarily in this order) are Walsh Library, Larkin Hall, Faber Hall, and Martino.

Whole Community Helped Improve WiFi
The Fordham community has been instrumental in helping us identify problem areas. Many people responded to a survey about their experience using WiFi. Others let us know about issues via the Tech Help tab at My.Fordham or by calling IT Customer Care, at 718-817-3999. With the community’s help, we learned that certain places were dead zones, or that someone made a connection, but then was dropped from it for no apparent reason.

We’re resolving these issues in part by putting the network access points closer to people, including inside classrooms and in dorm rooms. Please continue to let IT Customer Care know when you have WiFi problems. We’ll quickly dispatch someone to test the area.

How You Can Improve Your Connection–and Your Neighbor’s
These hardware fixes will go a long way toward making sure there’s enough WiFi resources for everyone. But it’s also up to each of us to do our part. That is, if you’ve finished watching a show on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, or other streaming service, turn off the stream. Don’t stream to an empty room. Think of it this way: You don’t leave the bathroom faucet running just so you don’t have to turn it on again the next time you brush your teeth. If everyone did that, the community would soon need to ration water.

Go forth and connect!


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