Business Continuity Planning at Fordham



If an unexpected emergency occurred today, would your office be ready? Probably not, if you don’t have a business continuity management (BCM) plan already in place.

At Fordham, business continuity management planning for large and small scale local emergencies is well underway. Fordham IT is working with the University’s academic and administrative offices to help them prepare for unforeseen emergencies and disasters that could affect our community, our campuses, our buildings, and our systems.

To help with BCM, we recently partnered with Recovery Planner, which offers RPX, an awarding winning, web-based software application. This tool organizes emergency preparation for operations, resources and relationships.

Recovery Planner’s RPX will be made available to the Fordham community on October 17, 2016. Contact Calvin Graham ( to gain access.

For those that used our former BCM software, CPO Tracker, your documents have been migrated from that application to RPX.

We look forward to working with you to create or update your business continuity management plan.


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