Benefits of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


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If you’ve been to one of Fordham’s libraries or used a classroom smart podium recently, you’ve probably already encountered one of the new virtual desktops, which are gradually being installed throughout the University. Once you login to the machine (called a thin client) with your Fordham AccessIT ID and password, you gain instant access to your software applications and personal files.

In fact, you can connect to your university office desktop using any device, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, your computer at home, and other desktops. All you need is an Internet connection. Login to (available only to faculty and staff) from one of these devices to see all your virtualized applications, including any customizations made to your Windows 7 desktop.

Some benefits of the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI):

Special training not required. VDI works just like a Windows-based desktop on a traditional computer.

No need to synchronize your documents across multiple machines. Your personal desktop environment, including any special software and personal files, is stored on a server and therefore available from any device, on any campus or remote location.

24/7 Access. Faculty and staff can access their desktops anywhere there’s a broadband (high speed) Internet connection.

Increased mobility. Run your entire Windows-based desktop on a tablet, such as an iPad.

Extra security. Regular, automatic backups increase the security of your desktop and files. Saving documents to the P:\ and S:\ drives also provides automatic backups.

Environmentally friendly! Even though they provide access to high-end, computer-intensive tasks, thin clients (the machines that run the VDI) use less power than a traditional computer. A thin client has a longer life cycle, too, which means we use fewer resources and keep hardware out of landfills.

Expanded visual work space. The large, 24-inch monitor lets you see more documents and web pages at once.

Replacement is a breeze. The time-consuming process of setting up a new traditional desktop is now a memory. Replacing VDI hardware and setting up the desktop only takes a few minutes.

Read the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure guide.

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