Bb Mailbag: Overriding grades


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Q:  How do I override a grade?

You can override a grade by clicking into the colored grade box, typing in the updated grade, and then clicking the enter key.

Your student will see that it’s “overridden.”

You can only override the final grade, not the grades for each attempt. An override grade takes precedence over all other grade entries, including attempts a student submits after you assign an override grade. Also, if you regrade a question, that regraded score is applied to the attempt score. If you manually change the grade for the assessment in the gradebook, the regraded score doesn’t change the override score.

If you go on to grade another attempt after you manually changed the final grade, the override grade still supersedes the second attempt grade you assign. You may want to deduct points after a student has made all attempts or the due date has passed.

Overriding the overall grade for your course

If you set up an overall grade for your course, you can override the grade’s automatic calculation. Go to the gradebook grid view and click within a student’s overall grade cell. You can enter a new value or choose from the overall grade notations you set up for the course. The grade cell is shaded gray to indicate that the grade has been overridden. To undo the override, click within the cell and select Undo Override. The grade will revert back to the overall grade calculation you set up for the course.

For more about Overriding grades, please visit the Bb help topic on the online Instructor Guide.

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