Automated Processes

Streamlined, automated processes enable academic and administrative units to reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency, leaving more time to focus on substance and content. Advantages and benefits:

  • Create simple to complex workflow process flows.
  • Eliminate the need to return incomplete/ineligible requests. Electronic forms render data from system of records, so information on the form is current and complete.
  • Dynamic forms respond to user input, making them easier to fill out.  Similar forms may be consolidated. Forms can display information based on college, department, employee group, student status, etc.
  • When assistance is needed, reassign requests to manage your team’s workload. 
  • Approvers on vacation? Enable delegation to ensure work is not impacted.
  • Set automatic reminders for approvers to eliminate processing delays.
  • Automate personalized notifications and leverage data points on the request and workflow to improve the quality of your notifications.
  • Target notifications to defined groups that need access to information.
  • Webforms eliminate the need to scan and store documents. In progress and completed forms can be retrieved immediately from OnBase, the University’s document imaging application.
  • Control who has access to documents. OnBase allows you to audit documents to see when they are viewed, who views the document and when actions are performed. 
  • Use analytics to review your business unit’s operational tasks and identify bottlenecks. Report on volume, response time, duration and effort. 
  • Set document retention to delete documents when they are no longer needed.