Automated Document Conversion Service Available

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The Office of Disability Services and Fordham IT are pleased to announce the availability of SensusAccess, an automated document conversion service for creating alternate media. The tool is especially useful for those who need a particular format for screen readers and other accessible technology tools.

To access the service, log into My.Fordham, go to My Apps, click on the “Document Conversion Tool” link, and follow the upload instructions. The converted file will be emailed to you thereafter.

SensusAccess converts documents, audio files, slides, and lecture notes into an alternative  format, including .doc, PDF, MP3, ebook, digital Braille, and more. Using optical character recognition (OCR), SensusAccess can also convert scanned PDF documents, images of text captured with a smartphone, and PowerPoint slides, into alternative formats.

Keep in mind that the quality of SensusAccess’ output is based on the quality of the original item put into it. A document scanned from a poor photocopy, or a document containing heavy underlining and margin notes, may not result in a fully legible file.

SensusAccess is a great service if you are having difficulties with printed text, if you want to experiment with different learning styles, if you need assistance when reading text in a foreign language, or if you simply want to make your readings available on the go.

For more information on SensusAccess, watch the video overview of the service. Check the IT Events calendar for training. Our website has a full list of academic software.

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