Achieve Your Goals!


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Contributed by Katherine Egan, Executive Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Fordham IT

Recall a difficult goal that you set for yourself. What steps did you take to accomplish it? Or, if you didn’t make your goal, do you know why?

Many people struggle to reach their goals because they don’t set up effective strategies and support systems. If you’re serious about achieving your goals, use the following framework to refine your techniques, hold yourself accountable, and accomplish your dreams.

Set a specific goal.

Identify your support system.

  • What kind of support will you need to achieve your goal?
  • Write down the names of people you want supporting you, and how you want them to keep you accountable.
  • Identify a coach or accountability partner.

Schedule your time.

  • When will you work on this goal?
  • Think about when you do your best work. Are you more productive in the mornings, afternoons, late nights, weekends?
  • List the days and times you will work towards your goal and schedule those times into your calendar.

Create concrete action items and milestones.

  • What specific steps do you need to take to accomplish your goal?
  • Break down each milestone into smaller tasks.
  • Schedule a due date for each task in your calendar.

Check in on time management and consistency.

  • Set up a monthly call with your accountability partner.
  • Or, block out 30 minutes with yourself to evaluate progress.
  • Schedule these check-ins into your calendar.
  • Adjust the timing as needed.

Recharge and renew.

  • What will keep you going as you work toward your goal?
  • Think about mini-milestone celebrations and rewards that are appropriate for you.
  • Write down descriptions of how you will celebrate milestones to keep yourself motivated.

Enhance your environment. What’s your optimal workspace?

  • Do you need a space free of clutter? Or inspirational words and images?
  • Create an environment that fuels your best work and propels you toward your goal.

Enjoy your success! And don’t stop when you reach your goals. Build on them to create new ones.

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