Submitting Requests

All students, employees, and alumni save time by filling out and submitting forms electronically and following up on them online.

Complete forms quickly Online forms accessed at My.Fordham are integrated with Banner, meaning the form is already populated with relevant information, such as your name, Fordham ID, school, department, and so on.

Electronic approvals move quickly

  • Login to My.Fordham to easily submit requests for electronic approvals and to confirm them.
  • Online review and approval shortens submission to completion time

Know your progress

  • Email notifications about a request will keep you up to date, alerting you when it has been received and completed.
  • A deferred request notification may ask you for additional information.
  • Administrative and academic units can check on a request, enabling them to give updated information on its progress.

Solutions for you

  • Course withdrawal/Late registration (replaces Add/Drop form): Following consultation with advisor or dean, students may submit registration changes online for approval and processing.
  • Permanent change of address – Current students may submit a request to change their permanent home address.
  • Undergraduate internal transfer – Current undergraduate students seeking to transfer to a different undergraduate college use this form.
  • Freshman survey For incoming freshmen to communicate any changes about their intended major, language and/or professional program. Enables academic units to support the incoming class before it arrives on campus.
  • Change of grade/Dean change of grade – Faculty and deans may initiate a request for grade changes. Banner will show electronic approval in academic history as soon as it’s posted. 
  • Chosen Name – Students and employees may submit a Chosen Name request. 
  • FERPA Block – Students and alumni may restrict the release of their academic information.