2 or More: How to Register Another Device for Multi-Factor Authentication


Logo for MFABy now, you’re familiar with the routine for multi-factor authentication (MFA) at Fordham:

You login to a Fordham system such as My.Fordham and authenticate. That could be with a push notification sent to your smartphone or tablet (the quickest and easiest way), by entering a 6-digit passcode (no Internet connection required), or a phone call to a landline or mobile phone.

But what happens if you forget to bring your smartphone or other device you use for authentication with you to campus? Or you lose it? Or the battery is depleted?

You’ll need to authenticate with a back-up device, such as your office or home phone, or a tablet.

Ensure your access to password-protected systems at Fordham: Register two or more devices for MFA. Please do this now.

How to enroll additional devices for multi-factor authentication The MFA User Guide has complete details for adding and managing devices. Below we offer you a quick summary of the process.

Multi-factor authentication adding a new device

At the authentication prompt, which you encounter when logging into a password protected Fordham system and is shown in the image above, do the following:

  • Select “Add a new device” on the left side of the prompt (or on some screens, from the Settings menu)
  • Choose an authentication method
  • Complete the authentication process for the new device

If you’ve checked the “remember me for 30 days” option for authentication, you won’t get the authentication prompt when using the same browser on your device until the 30-day period has expired. You can get a new prompt now by going to My.Fordham.edu with a different browser.

MFA provides your password protected, online accounts at Fordham with an additional layer of security and reduces the risk associated with unauthorized access to your accounts, should your passwords ever be compromised.

All active faculty, staff, and student online accounts at Fordham University are required to enroll in MFA. If you need assistance with any aspect of MFA, please contact IT Customer Care.


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